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Powder X Pvt Ltd

For X-Tream Quality Powder Coating Solutions in Sri Lanka

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We strive to be the best "solution provider" to powder coating Industry in Sri Lanka

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Continuous Growth through "Customer Satisfaction" is our primary goal

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+94 76 826 8774

We offer an unrivalled range of finishes in coating

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+94 76 826 8774

We Geared to apply Advance colours & finishes including wood effects and Mettalic Powder Coatings

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+94 76 826 8774

Powder Coating Service in Sri Lanka

Simply call - Powder X Pvt Ltd for Premium Quality - Powder Coatings - Products and Services - in Sri Lanka.


By gaining valuable know-how in the Industry for a decade, and by pioneering new technology we are on track to reach our zenith in the srilankan powder coating industry.

We have earned our place in the industry by meticulously sticking to standards and providing best service in the least possible time.

our mission

Providing the latest powder coating technology plus solutions to the srilankan market. Maintaining extreme quality whilst reaching milestones in our journey to become the No.1 powder coating company.

The Technology

We have enabled ourselves to provide the best for selecting the right Powder, pre-treatment to international standards, application, right curing and testing for best quality with care, using the best technology available. Quality is our main target.

what we value

Our employees are the heart of our success. We have talent rich staff highly experienced in each phase of the powder coating process. We value quality, innovation and strive to get better in every iteration of the powder coating process life-cycle. We are poised to become not better but the best in the industry.

Our Experience

We have, behind our success, a decade of experience in powder coating. We have pioneered the latest technology and been early adopters of international standards in powder coating, enabling ourselves to provide to the local market extreme solutions. We gained exposure to the international market.

The technology behind our services

We are proud about integrating our valued experience in our work through which we have seen major to ground-breaking changes in the way we do things.

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Providing personalized and high-quality powder coating solutions in Sri Lanka

Powder coating videos

We have provided some informative videos for you to get the idea behind the domain.